Dying with blackberries can be a frustrating experience.  First you must pick the berries, which requires intense concentration in order not to be stabbed, embedded, scratched, or impaled by blackberry thorns. 

Once you have the berries simmering gently in the pot, you add your carefully chosen piece of clothing and let it cook for a little while, all the time admiring the beautiful red, purple and fuchsia colours emerging from your shirt or tablecloth. 

And then, everything is good, until you take it out of the pot, rinse it and see all those beautiful colours wash away down the drain.  Depending on the fabric your clothes are made of, you will end up with a lovely silver grey, mauve, or pale pink colour.   It is always best to admire the fleeting moments of eco dyeing and cheerfully accept the lovely results that happen as the fabric dries and becomes what nature decides will happen that day.

But other times, all the stars are aligned, as in the case of this vintage vest.  I think it retained more of it’s colour because the material could be old linen, which I am told is better quality than the new linen of today.  Whatever happened, it is perfect the way it is and one of my best pieces for sure.



Eco Dyed Custom Made Vest from Vintage Tablecloths